NEWS UPDATE: Canada Extends Policy for In-Canada Work Permits for Immigrant visitors.

Canada introduced a new policy in 2020 that grants immigrant visitors the opportunity to apply for work permits while staying in the country. This development comes as an exciting opportunity for individuals who are visiting Canada and have received valid job offers from Canadian employers. The 2 year policy extension, announced by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), allows eligible visitors to continue to transition from temporary visitor status to work permit holders without the need to leave the country. This move aims to address the labor market needs in Canada and provide flexibility for both employers and prospective employees. According to official government sources, this policy change comes in response to the growing demand for skilled workers in various sectors across the country. By allowing immigrant visitors to apply for in-Canada work permits, the government aims to attract and retain talented individuals who can contribute to Canada’s economic growth and development.

To be eligible for this program, visitors must meet specific criteria. They must possess a valid job offer from a Canadian employer and meet the requirements for the work permit category they are applying for. It’s important to note that this policy extension does not apply to all visitors, and certain conditions and restrictions may apply based on individual circumstances.

The policy has been received positively by immigrants and employers alike. It offers a streamlined process for qualified visitors to transition into the Canadian workforce, eliminating the need to navigate complex immigration procedures from their home countries. The extension of this policy aligns with Canada’s commitment to attracting skilled individuals and promoting a diverse and inclusive society. It recognizes the value that immigrant visitors bring to the Canadian economy and provides them with a pathway to contribute their skills and expertise in the labor market.

This progressive move also highlights Canada’s dedication to facilitating economic immigration and its recognition of the significant role that immigrants play in the country’s growth and prosperity. By creating opportunities for immigrant visitors to work in Canada, the government aims to strengthen the workforce, foster innovation, and enhance Canada’s global competitiveness.

It’s important for interested individuals to stay updated on the requirements and guidelines set by IRCC regarding this policy extension. Referencing official government resources or consulting with a professional immigration expert can provide valuable information and guidance throughout the application process.


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