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At Immigration Nation, we specialize in supporting all clients that includes individuals and companies with a full range of immigration services such as Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence (Work & Study Permits), Temporary Visas, Sponsorship Applications (Spouse, Children, Parents and Grandparents), Provincial Nomination, Express Entry and Super Visas. As a current RCIC and a member of good standing with the ICCRC, we are up to date with the latest news, case laws, trends and new opportunities that enhance applicant’s success in complex situations.

Partnering with an experienced Immigration Consultant, would always put your mind at ease, and enable you to submit your application with confidence without worrying about “did I do it correct the first time” or would I be refused. We are confident in our abilities to provide applicants’ with the best immigration stream and offer them best solutions to settle in Canada permanently.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote honesty, transparency and integrity across the whole process to ensure that all our clients would be assisted in the best way possible for meeting their immigration goals. Promoting simply solutions to complex issues is what we strive for.

Our Vision

Our long-term goal is being a prominent global immigration company that offers services for individuals within Canada and abroad, and supports with the immigration process for people across all walks of life to be part of the Canadian dream.

About our immigration consultant services in Edmonton

We Value All Immigrants

As an RCIC, we believe in equal opportunities for everyone, we value all immigrants and believe that multiculturalism and diversity if what makes Canada strong and economically stable than any other country. When working with all clients we value each person and walk them through the process that they have to go through to maximize their chances of success.

We also offer additional employment services that is an expansion to some packages we offer; where we help our clients with finding new employment and supporting with their full integration in the Canadian community as a whole.

Why Choose Us?

When choosing a company, a client would always look at 3 distinct features:

1- Comprehensive Immigration Services Offered

2- Knowledge of the Immigration Consultant

3- Constant Follow Up to Ensure Applicant’s Success

At Immigration Nation we pride ourselves on providing the best solutions for clients to support them with all their needs, with our up to date knowledge on all current and past immigration matters, architecting solutions for complex cases is what we strive for. We are upfront, straight forward and honest, and will constantly follow up to maximize applicant’s success and always ensure they are kept informed about any file updates.

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