News Update: New Immigration Measures Unite Families in Canada

Moving to a new country can be an exciting yet challenging journey, because of this Canada understands the importance of families being together during moments of change, transformation and transition.
On the 26th of May 2023, The Honorable Sean Fraser, Minister of Refugees and Citizenship, and the Honorable Hedy Fry, Member of Parliament made an announcement from the IRCC that revealed Canada’s intention to take remarkable steps to reunite loved ones through new immigration measures. These new measurements aim to foster stronger family bonds and create a path to a brighter future. Let’s delve into the details of these transformative initiatives that are shaping the immigration landscape in Canada.

  1. Faster Processing Times: Families deserve to be together without unnecessary delays. With the new immigration measures, spousal applicants can rejoice as the processing times for their applications have been significantly reduced. Most applications will now be processed within a remarkable 30 days, allowing families to be reunited sooner and start their new chapter in Canada. This accelerated processing timeline brings immense relief and joy to families who eagerly await their permanent residence approval.
  2. Dedicated Tools for Spousal Applicants: The Canadian government understands the unique circumstances and needs of spousal TRV applicants. To provide them with the best possible experience, new and dedicated processing tools have been introduced. These tools streamline the application process, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy. With a focus on optimizing the spousal application journey, these tools have already yielded remarkable results. An impressive approval rate of 93% among beneficiaries speaks volumes about the effectiveness of these specialized tools.
  3. Open Work Permits: The journey of family reunification is not just about being together but also about building a stable and prosperous life in Canada. Recognizing this, the government has introduced the opportunity for spousal and family class applicants to apply for an open work permit as soon as they submit a complete permanent residence application. This game-changing provision allows spouses, partners, and dependents to secure employment and contribute to the Canadian economy while they await their permanent residence status. This empowers families to establish stability, support themselves, and actively participate in their new communities from the very beginning.
  4. Work Permit Extensions: Continuous opportunities and stability are essential for families during the immigration process. To ensure just that, the Canadian government has announced an additional 18-month extension for spousal applicants and other open work permit holders whose permits expire between August 1 and the end of 2023. This extension period provides families with an extended runway to explore career opportunities, settle down, and establish roots in Canada. It offers a sense of security and peace of mind, allowing families to focus on their integration and thriving in their new home.

As part of Canada’s ongoing efforts to improve client service and streamline application processes, these new immigration measures reflect the country’s dedication to uniting families and fostering inclusive communities. By strengthening family ties, providing employment opportunities, and extending work permit options, Canada fosters a welcoming environment where families can flourish and contribute to the country’s social fabric and economic growth.
For more details and the latest updates on these new immigration laws in Canada, we encourage you to visit the official IRCC website. Stay connected with us as we continue to share important information and insights to help you navigate your Journey into a new life in Canada

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