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At Immigration Nation we are rated as #1 best immigration consultant company in Edmonton because we guarantee our clients’ satisfaction with our work quality and our perseverance to reach a positive result for all of our applications.

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We are always challenging ourselves to bring new and original ways of thinking and solving complicated cases

At Immigration Nation, we specialize in supporting all clients that includes individuals and companies with a full range of immigration services such as Permanent Residence, Temporary Residence (Work & Study Permits), Temporary Visas, Sponsorship Applications (Spouse, Children, Parents and Grandparents), Provincial Nomination, Express Entry and Super Visas. As a current RCIC and a member of good standing with the ICCRC, we are up to date with the latest news, case laws, trends and new opportunities that enhance applicant’s success in complex situations.


We work as a single united team and try to always give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

Our Services

Express Entry

Express Entry is a system that qualifies all applicants based on points to be eligible to apply for permanent residency. At Immigration Nation we have the expertise to support our clients increase their points, improve their immigration standing and support them across every step of the way.

Family Sponsorship

As a Permanent Resident or a Citizen you have the right to sponsor your spouse or common law partner to live with you indefinitely in Canada. At Immigration Nation we have extensive expertise in supporting with inland and outland sponsorship applications and promoting applicants’ success.

Provincial Nomination

Most provinces and territories have distinct Immigration Nomination Programs that helps that province grow, develop and acquire highly talented workers. At Immigration Nation, we specialize with all kinds of PNP programs including AINP–Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program applications.

Temporary Foreign Workers

As Canada is one of the best countries in the world with high GDP per Capita, it’s considered a prime immigration destination for many workers around the world. At immigration Nation, we have the expertise and kowledge to support with all types of work permits and LMIA applications.


There is close to 250,000 international students that come to Canada to pursue their education whether it’s a Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters or PHD programs. At Immigration Nation we support with student visas and permit applications within Canada and for people living abroad.

Temporary Resident Visa

Millions of people around the world visit Canada every year for the purpose of studying, working, leisure, business or meeting with their loved ones. At Immigration Nation we specialize in all kinds of visa applications which include Super Visas, Visitor record and inland or outland visa applications.

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Are you looking for help from an Immigration Consultant in the Edmonton area, then you came to the right place. At Immigration Nation we are rated as #1 best immigration consultant company in Edmonton because we guarantee our clients’ satisfaction with our work quality and our perseverance to reach a positive result for all of our applications. As an Immigration Consultant in good standing our process is transparent where our clients are informed and updated every step of the way. Whatever immigration services you are applying for express entry, family sponsorship, Alberta provincial nominee program, temporary foreign worker in Alberta, study visa application, temporary resident visa, pr card renewal, LMIA or citizenship application—we are here to ensure that the overall process is simple with minimal complication.

Hiring the best immigration consultant is an important decision that affects the life of the applicant in Canada. Many applicants have the concept of “I can just do it myself”—but the biggest reason for application refusal is application submission error, lack of explanation and documentation proof that encompasses designated applications. Many times that applicants would have only one chance to get the application right where it’s a hit or miss process—as one of Immigration Consultant Edmonton premier service we strongly recommend hiring the right professional that support you every step of the way.

Many clients always orchestrate job searches for “Immigration Consultant Near Me” in hopes of finding the best immigration consultant in Edmonton. It’s always an excellent idea to expand your scope and look for immigration services across the Edmonton market for best options. Whether you are seeking Immigration Services Edmonton; you have to validate the immigration consultant credentials, proven record and ability to support you across the application process.

Extensive Experience in All Immigration Services

We engage with hundreds of clients that always look for immigration help in Edmonton on a consistent basis. Our immigration services Edmonton centre provide custom based solutions for each individual client. Whether you are seeking complex immigration services in Edmonton or seeking regular immigration help in Edmonton—we assess your case thoroughly, conduct extensive research and engage with the best immigration consultants across Edmonton area for keeping up-to-date with policies and regulations and present ideal solutions that guarantee the highest success rate.

Our Immigration Consultant Edmonton services support clients with their permanent residence card renewal applications to the IRCC. Our Immigration Consultants are highly experienced in overseeing complex dispute cases to overturn negative decision for lack of documentation or needed paperwork.

Why Choose Us ?


We offer office consultation to all of our clients for determining their best course of action that supports them with their immigration needs and catapult their success level.

We represent our clients for all their applications. We oversee every little detail from documentation gathering, information compilation, data verification and submission procedures.
We will follow up with all of our clients and provide them with regular updates immediately as required. We pride our services on our superior customer service and communication excellence.
We will do our very best to exceed our clients’ expectations and reach a positive decision across submitted applications. We provide support to all applicants for any questions and concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading Immigration Consultant Edmonton based company, we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and transparency across all our engagement. If we didn’t believe a client qualify for a program, we would always provide advice on alternative routes and present them with the best viable options moving forward.

Our Certified Immigration Consultants have extensive expertise across all areas of immigration that includes spousal sponsorship, common-law sponsorship, family sponsorship, permanent resident applications, express entry, provincial nomination, temporary visa applications, super visa application, work permits & work permit extensions, study permits and study permit extensions.

There’s more than 75+ immigration programs currently available across Canada and across all provinces and territories.

Yes it does, but in a positive way, the IRCC issued an announcement for changing General Processing Measures, where all officers request for additional information from the applicant have to be given an additional 90 days.

As an Immigration Consulting Services, we would support clients with officers based inquiries, assist with reversing negative decisions and provide advice on application delays.

If a negative decision is received, we always advise to contact our immigration consultant services right away without hesitation. We have seen hundreds of refusals of clients who didn’t seek advice or wanted to retain professional services, who ended up getting a departure or deportation orders.

It’s vital that an immigration consultant interprets the regulations, laws and acts and provides you with guidance based on case-specific needs to maximize chances of reversing a decision.

As per the IRCC, Provincial Immigrant Nominee Programs & Service Canada, the application changes depending on time of year and application type.

For more information, please visit the website to know processing times in real-time.


As a leading Immigration Consulting Services company in Edmonton, we have a proven track record of reversing negative decisions, fighting refusals, managing complex cases, leading appeals at IAD and IRB and supporting with Judicial Review processes with legal partners.

As a Certified Immigration Consultant Edmonton, we pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing, promoting quality service delivery and maintaining the highest level of integrity across all applications and transactions. We work with all clients from the start of the application to the end, answers all questions and ensure satisfaction across all stages. We always guarantee the best services to guarantee clients’ future referrals.

Our Immigration Consultants Edmonton have extensive expertise in overseeing LMIA applications. We specialize in LMIA jobs in Edmonton—through our immigration Edmonton office location. We have a partnership network with leading employers spanning across various sectors, where we support in filling employers’ labour shortages and providing them with qualified applicants through our services. As one of the best immigration consultant Edmonton company we act as a liaison between employers and employees to manage LMIA job posting, LMIA application and approval, work permit application and work permit extension as needed.

Our Happy Clients!

“I got my ITA last month and decided to go with Immigration Nation based on a friend referral who used them before and mentioned they are one of the top immigration consultants in Edmonton. The consultant was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. We just filed for my PR application and hopefully I’ll get my PR card soon.”
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Miroslav Anisimov

Immigration Client​

“I was looking to apply for the Express Entry before getting my ITA. the consultant guided me towards all needed documentation and papers so we will be fully ready to submit once we get our invitation letters. I was recently at the border getting completing my landing and becoming a permanent resident. Thank you guys”
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Surekha P.

Immigration Client​

“I recently got married and wanted to sponsor my wife. I was looking for an immigration consultant in Edmonton and found Immigration Nation. The immigration consultant met supported me with the process from start to finish, which had my wife getting approved within few month. It was a very professional and good service.”
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Beau Song

Immigration Client

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