IRCC’s first Settlement Outcomes Highlights Report provides insight on the path to success for newcomers in Canada

A new report, the first of its kind, finds that new Canadians give high marks to the settlement services offered to them, and see these services as crucial in setting newcomers up for success in Canada. From improving their English or French, to assisting in finding work, to helping them connect with their communities, immigrants reported that settlement services are vital to their Canadian experience.

Issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) the report, entitled Settlement Outcomes Highlights Report, is a high-level analysis and summary of the immigrant experience in Canada. It examines the successes and challenges of newcomers from 2015 to 2019, with an emphasis on their use of settlement services.

The majority of newcomers who received settlement services reported they were useful and met their needs. Newcomers said that these services enriched their knowledge of life in Canada, improved their language skills in English or French, prepared them for the Canadian labour market and helped them connect with organizations in their communities.

The report also draws attention to areas where IRCC can improve. These include increasing awareness of settlement services and uptake by newcomers, filling gaps in information and further examining potential barriers. Another key finding of the report is that the settlement journey is different for many newcomers. Digging into settlement outcomes is a key part of IRCC’s efforts to improve services to meet the individual needs of newcomers.

These findings will help to ensure that the Settlement Program both meets the needs of newcomers and helps communities do all they can to welcome them. They will also be critical to addressing the economic and social gaps faced by many new Canadians, and in breaking down systemic barriers and other obstacles to newcomers’ success.

There has never been a more critical time to develop our understanding of newcomer outcomes. This report is a key part of our action plan to deliver high quality settlement services, an important mandate commitment for the minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. As Canada rebuilds after COVID-19, immigration will play a vital role in both the economic and societal recovery of the country.

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