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PR Card Renewal​

PR Card Renewal—Permanent Residence Card Renewal: Our Immigration Consultant Edmonton is highly skilled in overseeing permanent residence applications and permanent residence renewal applications. For PR renewals, an application has to meet the following criteria to be eligible for the process.

Eligibility of Candidate: According to IRCC regulations, an application must be first a permanent residence of Canada before applying for PR renewals. Also, the applicant has to be physically present in Canada. He shouldn’t have any removal order and shouldn’t be convicted in any criminal offense or other offenses related to the misuse of permanent residence card applications.

For the application process, you only apply for PR card renewal if:

1) You didn’t receive your PR card within 180 days of landing in Canada.

2) Your PR card if expired or will be expiring in less than 9-month period.

3) Also if your PR card has been stolen, destroyed or you legally changed your name.

Then an application for “PR Card Renewal” have to be submitted accordingly to the IRCC.

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