Alberta Renames PNP & Introduces 2 New Programs

As of February 16, 2022, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program was renamed the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program. They have also introduced two new streams, the Rural Renewal Stream and the Rural Entrepreneur Stream.

According to, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, launched the changes at the Fairness for Newcomers Summit in Calgary and stated, “We’re to get more than our share of newcomers…Newcomers don’t take jobs away from Albertans but help to create jobs… 

They create additional demand, they create additional wealth and, very typically, they create additional businesses that hire people.”

Along with introducing the two new streams they also changed the names of 3 entrepreneur streams:

  • The International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream is now the Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  • The Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream is now the Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream.
  • The Self-Employed Farmer Stream is now the Farm Stream.
Rural Renewal Stream

The Rural Renewal Stream is for “Qualified candidates who have a job offer from an Alberta employer to work in a designated rural Alberta community can apply for an AAIP nomination.” 

This stream was launched to attract and retain newcomers to rural areas in Alberta. 

The qualifications for this stream include: “Candidates must have a permanent, full-time job offer, and meet other requirements related to work experience, language ability, education and settlement funds.”

Rural Entrepreneur Stream

The Rural Entrepreneur Stream is for “Entrepreneurs who want to start a business or buy an existing business in a rural Alberta community can submit an Expression of Interest.”

The qualifications of this stream include: “Candidates must conduct an exploratory visit, plus meet work experience, education and language requirements, have a net worth of at least $300,000 and invest at least $200,000. They must own at least 51 percent of a new business or 100 percent if purchasing an existing business, and create at least one job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Candidates with an approved Business Application sign a Business Performance Agreement and are issued a work permit. They must then spend at least one year establishing their business in Alberta. Once the business is established and they meet the terms of their BPA, they are nominated for permanent residence.”

Communities with a population of less than 100,000 can also be part of either of these streams.


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