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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the face of businesses all around the world. Border closures and travel restrictions have caused a slowdown in many industries and the IRCC is no different. According to data released by the IRCC, Canada has a backlog of nearly 1.8 million immigration applications as of Oct.27th.

Applications that were previously processed in an average of six months are now taking over two years. Due to restrictions applicants are having a hard time acquiring the required documents leading to longer wait times as the IRCC is unable to finalize applications. This is causing a long and frustrating process for many applicants.

However, the IRCC is working on moving applications as fast as possible. In an email from an IRCC spokesperson to CIC News they explained, “Ongoing international travel restrictions, border restrictions, limited operational capacity overseas and the inability on the part of clients to obtain documentation due to the effects of COVID-19 have created barriers within the processing continuum. This hinders IRCC’s ability to finalize applications, creating delays that are outside IRCC’s control. Despite our efforts, we know that some applicants have experienced considerable wait times with the processing of their applications, and we continue to work as hard as possible to reduce processing times. We thank them for their patience and understanding at this moment, and we look forward to welcoming them to Canada.”

They also shared details on the number of applications they were able to process during the pandemic:

  • 337,000 permanent residence applications processed between January and September 2021. It processed some 214,000 applications in 2020.
  • 1,500,000 temporary residence applications processed between January and September 2021. This compares to nearly 1,700,000 applications in 2020.
  • 134,000 Canadian citizenship applications processed between January and September 2021. This compares to about 80,000 applications processed in 2020.

So, while it may be taking longer than usual, the IRCC is working to applications moving. In times like this it is becoming increasingly important to ensure any files that are being submitted are completed in their entirety and there are no missing documents. If you need help completing your application speak to one of our highly trained Immigration Consultants today.

Sources: IRCC & CIC News

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